Batgirl pages!

It’s about time I finally post again! Just 2 more weeks until graduation from The Kubert School, so things have been rather hectic with tight deadlines and editor meetings. Yesterday I went up with the school to the DCU building to meet with some really amazing editors. Got some awesome feedback and great critiques that I can’t wait to apply to my next batch of pages! But for now, I’ll leave you with my newest set of Batgirl pages. Pages 4 and 5 of the New 52 Issue 1 script. I had way too muh fun drawing these pages :

Silly Sunday Sketch dump.

Sometimes it’s nice to let loose, forget all reference and just draw for fun. I’ve really missed doing that, so today when I walked into the Disney store at the mall and saw some new princess dolls designed by Glen Keane I freaked and decided I needed to sketch some cute girls! Here’s a few of the quick sketches I did. Done with two different markers and ball point pen. I changed some of the colors in Photoshop ’cause rainbows are pretty.