Self Portrait Assignment

For school we had to make a self portrait. Surrounding us we had to somehow show where we saw ourselves in the future. Since I’d love to someday work for DC comics, I drew myself surrounded by sketches of my favorite characters helping me out. Here’s the finished piece, scroll down for the WIP shots!


Sketchbook Cover & More!

In one of my classes we’re working on a sketchbook assignment, where we compile drawings we’ve done over the years into PDFs with the intention of printing them out, and possibly selling them at conventions. Since most of my work involves licensed characters or Insomniac, I decided I’d go ahead and actually do some real sketches. I chose the theme girls with animals, after a spur of the moment sketch I did a few weeks ago. It’s my first time drawing a lot of these animals, and pretty much animals in general. I always thought they’d be really difficult but it was actually a lot of fun! Of course, they’re just silly sketches, but I like to think they get the point across. We’ve had all semester to work on about 5 different projects in this class, but I have a bad habit of working on something for  a long time then completely scrapping my idea days before it’s due.. usually it’s for the best. This is one of those for the best times!

Here’s the cover art –


I still need to make a couple fixes and add a title, maybe some design-y stuff in the BG too. Sadly my dog ate my Wacom pen so those will have to wait till I can use the schools tablet again. =/

Here’s another random sketch from inside –


Most of the book will be in B&W but I was having too much fun to stop on this one. Simple, super quick coloring. About a half hour on this last one. May or may not go into the final version!