Early morning sketchdump!

I haven’t had much time for my own stuff recently, but when I get the chance I’ve been sketching characters for a potential story I’m writing. :) I thought I’d share some of them with you! It’s pretty much a romantic dramedy, but like most good stories it has it’s twists and turns. I have the first 19 pages of the comic thumbnailed with a loose script, and the rest of it somewhere in my head. I’m going for a simple style with the comic. I’m hoping it’ll be easy on the eyes and quicker to draw. If it takes me too long I’ll never actually finish it, so let’s see where this goes.

Please ignore the ugly yellowness of the sketches. It’s early and I’m lazy.

Two Brothers – by AckkStudios

I have SO much to post about, and so little time! As I’ve mentioned before I’m working with AckkStudios on their new game, Two Brothers. They recently launched their Kickstarter, so check it out and help if you can!


My artwork is slowly being posted up there so make sure to check back everyday.

I’m also currently working on a comic project of my own. I have tons of character sketches and layouts to share with you as soon as I organize my room and hook up the scanner.


It’s been a while!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, for those who do read my blog.  I’ve been pretty busy this summer, with drawing and just life in general. I haven’t been able to post everything I’m working on, but here’s something I can!

I’m doing some concept work for my brothers’ game studio. Check out their Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/AckkStudios

We’re currently working on a game together. Not much is released as of right now, but like the page and stay tuned for more information! In the meantime, here’s some of the quick concept sketches I’ve done.

EDIT/// Here’s a new color scheme for the character!




Self Portrait Assignment

For school we had to make a self portrait. Surrounding us we had to somehow show where we saw ourselves in the future. Since I’d love to someday work for DC comics, I drew myself surrounded by sketches of my favorite characters helping me out. Here’s the finished piece, scroll down for the WIP shots!


Sketchbook Cover & More!

In one of my classes we’re working on a sketchbook assignment, where we compile drawings we’ve done over the years into PDFs with the intention of printing them out, and possibly selling them at conventions. Since most of my work involves licensed characters or Insomniac, I decided I’d go ahead and actually do some real sketches. I chose the theme girls with animals, after a spur of the moment sketch I did a few weeks ago. It’s my first time drawing a lot of these animals, and pretty much animals in general. I always thought they’d be really difficult but it was actually a lot of fun! Of course, they’re just silly sketches, but I like to think they get the point across. We’ve had all semester to work on about 5 different projects in this class, but I have a bad habit of working on something for  a long time then completely scrapping my idea days before it’s due.. usually it’s for the best. This is one of those for the best times!

Here’s the cover art –


I still need to make a couple fixes and add a title, maybe some design-y stuff in the BG too. Sadly my dog ate my Wacom pen so those will have to wait till I can use the schools tablet again. =/

Here’s another random sketch from inside –


Most of the book will be in B&W but I was having too much fun to stop on this one. Simple, super quick coloring. About a half hour on this last one. May or may not go into the final version!

Batgirl pages!

It’s about time I finally post again! Just 2 more weeks until graduation from The Kubert School, so things have been rather hectic with tight deadlines and editor meetings. Yesterday I went up with the school to the DCU building to meet with some really amazing editors. Got some awesome feedback and great critiques that I can’t wait to apply to my next batch of pages! But for now, I’ll leave you with my newest set of Batgirl pages. Pages 4 and 5 of the New 52 Issue 1 script. I had way too muh fun drawing these pages :

Silly Sunday Sketch dump.

Sometimes it’s nice to let loose, forget all reference and just draw for fun. I’ve really missed doing that, so today when I walked into the Disney store at the mall and saw some new princess dolls designed by Glen Keane I freaked and decided I needed to sketch some cute girls! Here’s a few of the quick sketches I did. Done with two different markers and ball point pen. I changed some of the colors in Photoshop ’cause rainbows are pretty.


I finished my new business card/blog header! I thought I’d share a bit of the process for my first blog post. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, so bare with me while I get used to writing again.  Everything seen here was done in Adobe Photoshop.


Thanks for reading! :)